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About Wildwood Candle Co.

Wildwood Trail
Inspired by the love of flame, fir, and freeing oneself in the forest, Wildwood Candle Co. ® is dedicated to the Wildwood Trail and surrounding trails in Forest Park of Portland, Oregon. Forest Park is a public municipal park with over 70 miles of single-track to explore, with Wildwood being the longest and main artery that connects to others, spanning over 30.2 miles from south to north. Every quarter mile is designated by a stenciled blue diamond on the bark of a tree, and is meant to signify "progress".  
Kylie Antolini, proprietor and founder of Wildwood Candle Co., is an avid trail runner and candle-obsessed connoisseur. Wildwood Candle Co. was founded in 2017, and is a manifestation of her love affair with candle fragrance, trail running and Forest Park. Inspired to share her love, gratitude and enthusiasm of the park in a scent delivered form is how it all came about. The Wildwood trail is her favorite to run on, as it is relatively mild in elevation change, well-maintained, and accessible from many areas of the park. The branded blue diamonds inspire her to keep making progress in running and candle making.
It is her goal to be able to give back by donating at least 5% of profits to the Forest Park Conservancy annually. The Forest Park Conservancy plays the most important role in maintaining the ecological health and soft surface trails of the park through its staff, technicians and volunteers. Wildwood Candle Co. is enthusiastic to be able to support the source of inspiration. 
Each scent has been thoughtfully developed and meditated upon to represent the names of trails that connect to Wildwood, or are an attraction within the Forest Park acreage. GPS coordinates are listed under each scent description so you, too, can experience the trail(s) for yourself. Stop and smell the vast array of roses at the International Rose Garden, muddy up your shoes on Firelane 1, slosh your mountain bike through puddles on Leif Erikson. Whatever it is, ignite the fire within you to get wild. Tap into your inner strength. Get outside. Be in the moment. Breathe deep. The chirp of the birds, the gentle sway of the ferns, the crisp air, the smell of freshly fallen fir needles. Take the time to reset. Take the time for yourself.
Allow your true nature to come to light.

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