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Wildwood Candle - fir, cedar, soil

Wildwood Candle - fir, cedar, soil

Top: fir, citrus
Middle: balsam, cedarwood
Base: moss, soil, damp forest floor

The beloved Wildwood trail is the blood line of Forest Park and the source of inspiration for this company. It is the longest trail in the park, spanning an astounding 30.2 miles from the south (Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Oregon Zoo and Rose Garden), up to Newberry Rd. Every quarter mile is designated by a stenciled blue diamond on the bark of a tree, and is meant to signify "progress". Douglas-fir trees are the predominate vegetation in Forest Park, as well as western red cedar and hemlock. 

Recyclable 13.5 oz glass jar 4.25"H, 3"D
Net Wt. 11 oz
Up to 60 hour burn time
Hand-poured natural soy wax blend, fragrances derived from natural ingredients & essential oils. Eco-friendly, ethically sourced & produced. Petroleum, lead, GMO & phthalate free. Naturally processed & sourced wooden wicks from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) that partners with All materials sourced in USA.
5% of profits are donated to the Forest Park Conservancy to help protect Forest Park's ecological health.
About the Trail: Wildwood can be accessed from many areas throughout Forest Park along the 30 mile stretch. The most popular starting points are the Vietnam Memorial (to Pittock Mansion), Lower Macleay (to Firelane 1), and Germantown Road (to Newberry Road). 

GPS Coordinates: [45°30'47.4"N 122°43'02.8"W]

Click here for more information about Forest Park and trail maps.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Stinks Real Pretty!

My first wildwood purchase and I love this candle. I'd never had one with a wooden wick before and I was pleasantly surprised.

Julia Jordan
The perfect candle for gifting...and keeping!

I love this candle! It's a perfect Portland gift to give, but I also like to keep some for myself. The wooden wick adds a really nice touch. This candle lasts a really long time and makes me very happy. Thank you!

The Perfect Scent for All Seasons

We light candles year-round in our home, and Wildwood is the PERFECT candle for all seasons. I love that it's light and fresh enough for summer, but also has so much rich character that it is the best bridge into Fall. Wildwood smells like you're standing in the middle of a PNW forest after it rains - just the most visceral experience.

Maybe my new favorite

I received a Leif Erikson for Christmas last year, and recently purchased two more of those because I knew I LOVED that one - and still do. I also bought a Wildwood and a Birch. Love them both! The Wildwood might be my new favorite, if I had to choose. It hits all the right notes for me. I love these candles so much. The aromas are on a different level than anything I've ever found at a big box store. Someone suggested a certain fancy brand of candle to me a few years ago, I bought one at a ridiculous price, and it was so disappointing. This candle will not disappoint.

Gorgeous, Complex -- Perfection

This candle is a stunner. I'm so in love. I tend to get a headache from a lot of commercial-brand fir scented candles but not this one. Wildwood is a true balsam scent on cold whiff but once burned you unlock so many additional layers such as - wet moss and soil reminiscent of a the scent after a fresh rain, a subtle sweetness of citrus or berry that is only detectable enough to balance out the cleansing and refreshing fir and earthy, grounding, delicious cedar. The icing on the cake is the crackle of the wood wick to round out the whole experience of cozy. Phenomenal. Thank you for this treasure, I'll surely be a repeat customer. xx