Trillium Candle - lily of the valley, petrichor
Trillium Candle - lily of the valley, petrichor
Trillium Candle - lily of the valley, petrichor

Trillium Candle - lily of the valley, petrichor

Top: green leaves, spring rain
Middle: lily of the valley, lilac
Base: petrichor, ozone, damp earth

The Trillium Trail is a beautiful quarter mile connector trail between Firelane 7 and mile marker 18.5 on the Wildwood Trail. In early Spring, trillium, a low-growing woodland three petaled wildflower (part of the lily family), are abundantly exhibited in bloom around damp wooded areas, such as around this section of trail. Depending on the species and conditions, it can take 4-15 years for a trillium to produce its first flower, and only has one blossom each year. Because they have become so rare, and are difficult to grow, most are protected and illegal to pick in their wooded habitats. After their white petals bloom in the spring, they turn light purple, go dormant and die back to the ground for next year. 

It is the flower we anticipate most after the long winter, especially in the Pacific Northwest. To bring the excitement and hopefulness of Spring into bloom, we combined the essence of planting fresh bulbs in the soil after rain, with floral notes of lily of the valley and lilac, topped with a bit of ozone and green leaves. The vibrant yellow pollen of the trillium inspires the ochre colored label.

Recyclable 13.5 oz glass jar 4.25"H, 3"D
Net Wt. 11 oz
Up to 60 hour burn time

Hand-poured natural soy wax blend, fragrances derived from natural ingredients & essential oils. Eco-friendly, ethically sourced & produced. Petroleum, lead, GMO & phthalate free. Naturally processed & sourced wooden wicks from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) that partners with All materials sourced in USA.
5% of profits are donated to the Forest Park Conservancy to help protect Forest Park's ecological health.

GPS Coordinates: [45°57'16.7"N 122°78'32.4"W]

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